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  • #1 Online PT

    You’ll get the best training, support, education and understanding, so you become the expert and understand how to do this for life.

  • Accountability

    The support of your personal trainers is there. You will have a trainer all the way through your transformation to help keep you focused on your goals.

  • Pro Workouts

    Optimised Performance Training for beginners all the way to the professional athlete. Progressive and unlimited workout plans so you’ll never get bored.

  • Nutrition Plans

    Calorie Specific reference menus and meal plans with all the recipes, shopping lists and plans to ensure your success.

  • App & Site

    We don’t just leave you high and dry. You have a complete membership site, app plus coaching every week as a group on the most relevant topics for results.

  • 100% Results

    It’s a huge claim, but we know everything that we do works. The programming can be tailored specifically to you and your goal. So all you need to do is follow it to get success!

...we included everything and there is a lot more

Are you our next successful transformation?

Hey so true story,

It's typical for our members to say that they wish they started sooner or found us earlier. Because this is amazing!

These people are just like you. Mums, dad, the 9-5ers, single parents, business people, athletes and even the stay at home parents.

As we are not a guide, we are not just some ebook or generic training. This is what real online personal training is all about.

Our members see an immediate impact as we take the frustration out from not knowing, to teaching you what is needed.

With a complete solution, proven programming, software to keep you accountable plus our world class online coaching, you just need to follow it, apply it and just do it to get your results.

I'll see you on the inside!


Joshua - CEO Better Body Blitz

A complete online fitness and nutrition solution that gives you the tools and resources you need to achieve your fitness goals and maintain your results… permanently.

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We are proud of what we do

consistently delivering results

Fool-Proof Coaching

Regardless of where you are in with your health and fitness, our fool-proof online PT coaching program is going to open your eyes to what is needed for massive personal success towards your goals.

The complete A-Z

We cover everything from setup, establishing your goals, mindset, health & fitness education, tracking your progress, all the workouts, correct processes, nutrition all the way to being the guru and doing this for life.

All the knowledge that you need

Lifetime of support. We are always expanding so you get the best knowledge, plans, programs and education so you are never in the dark. Everything is laid out for your continued success through our BBB Membership site & virtual coaching.

An Army of Experts

The Core BetterBodyBlitz Online PT programming has been drawn up by an army of fitness experts, health professionals, registered dieticians and researchers to ensure that this works and is going to work for everyone no matter if you want to lose weight, want to be stronger, build muscle or lose body fat!

Used and trusted by our members worldwide for all their exercise, nutrition and coaching needs.

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The worlds best online PT solution

Never be alone, never guess your nutrition and never do a boring workout ever again.

Pro Workout and Exercise Plans

Targeted Workout Plans that work

  • Lose weight, get lean, build muscle or improve your athletic performance. The software efficiently determines the best and proven program to help achieve those goals.
  • Corrective exercise plans to relieve nagging body pain and build strength foundation from; foot and ankle, knee, lower back and shoulders.
  • Proven cardio, resistance and walking programs along with thousands of fitness videos developed by the professionals.
  • The same routines used by pro athletes, top fitness clubs and personal trainers around the world.
  • Over 1,000+ fitness videos, Plus exercise demo and muscle groups specific.
  • Specific programming for 20-40 minute routine, core training, flexibility, in-season bodybuilding, lean and tone, max muscle, senior fitness training or youth fitness training.

Personalised Dashboard

Track & Log Your Calories, Exercise, Weight & More

  • Since this intuitive dashboard instantly shows the calories consumed vs. calories burnt. This gives you instant power to know if you have to exercise more or eat less to hit your calorie goals.
  • Can easily log all activities from this individualise screen. Log Exercise, your weight and steps and even food. Plus access your workouts, menus and devices.

In-built Accountability

The advanced backend system virtually coaches you as well

  • Build in accountability and coaching will remind your clients to update their stats and adjust menus.
  • The Programming adjusts their plans based on their target for their goals. Automatically recommend changes.
  • Personalised supplement recommendation, based on your clients PARQ, health screening and goals.
  • Complete Progress Chart, to determine when goals will be achieved vs. actual based on logging and weigh-ins

We Beyond Just Weight Loss

You don't need to limit your plans to just 1 type of program. Now you can go beyond the weight loss, toning and strength to include Sports Performance workout plans that are being used by top athletes world wide!

Reference Menu Planning

Instant Adaptive Calorie Specific Menus

  • All plans will automatically adjust to your individual calorie intake for your goals
  • Instantly updates and adjusts when goals are changed
  • Ability to create custom unlimited plans based on your food preferences, supplement intake, favourite foods or recipes
  • Can choose from 8 different reference menus and edit to your preferences - See below
  • Healthy Heart
  • Vegetarian
  • Night Out
  • Lactose Free
  • Athletic Performance
  • Healthy Fast Food
  • Standard
  • 40/30/30

Advanced Food Logging System

In-Built is one of the most advanced food logging app!

  • 70,000+ Items A massive database of foods and food items that can be quickly logged.
  • Fast Calorie Add In less than 10-seconds quickly add your meals and items to your log. Using the quick add function.
  • Water Log Set up your client to track their water intake during the day for optimum hydration.
  • Macros Switch to a detailed macro nutrient view of everything logged & scheduled.
  • Add Your Own Add handcrafted meals, meals ideas, recipes or items you have around the house.
  • Favourites List Quickly favourite meals and menus items that you eat more frequently. Makes logging even faster.
  • Menu Log With a simple click, you can log the preferred calories specific menus instantly created.
  • Setup Meals Easily schedule and arrange from either 3 up to 7 meals including snacks.

Workout on your time. A nutrition program that keeps your calories tuned. A certified coach to guide you through. Online access 24/7. 
It’s supremely connected fitness... for you.

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Our mini disclaimer- Individual results may vary. Great nutrition, exercise and consistently achieve you calorie balance are essential for the best results. You don’t put weight on in just a few days, It’s over time, So remember that it will take more than a few days to lose weight.

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