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FAQ & Common Questions

Where is the buy now button? +

Due to the level of coaching, accountability, support and membership, we do not have a buy now button as currently all our programs that we offer are by invite only.

To be invited into the program you must schedule an obligation free health and fitness chat so we can establish if you are serious, but more importantly the best and correct program that you should start with.

We believe that you need to put the best foot forward when going through a transformation, so we not only want it to be your best foot but also the correct foot first.

Can I start in a few weeks? +

Hey you can start whenever you want.
BUT if you have already had a phone call and chat with Joshua or one of the coaches here at BBB we ideally want you to get started within 7 days of the phone call and no later.

We have been doing this fo many year now, and we know deep down that the members who get started ASAP and straight away are always more motivated and more determined to achieve their results.

Every day you wait is jsut another day that you need to wait. Be honest with yourself, how many times have you wanted to do something then you wait and you never end up doing it?

Am I just too old to lose weight easily? +

Am I just too old to lose weight easily? I am 55 years old and female.

Answer: The simple answer is no. The laws of physics never ignore you, regardless of your age. If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. Most studies show a relationship between aging and weight loss, but the culprit is not age itself or a slowing metabolism. Decreased movement is the biggest reason for easy weight gain as you age. Women tend to eat similar amounts as they did when they were younger, but tend to exercise less.

You can slightly alter your lifestyle to include more movement from not only traditional exercise, but also by changing the way you perform everyday activities that burn calories such as standing/pacing versus sitting whenever possible, parking further away from your destination, taking stairs more often, etc.

How do I schedule a free call? +

It's very simple, click here.
Scroll to the top of the page and click 'Getting Started'

Why can’t I lose weight like in the TV shows? +

People on the TV show The Biggest Loser drop 10 to 20lbs a week. Is that safe, and why can’t I lose like that?

Answer: This is a great example of the difference between reality and television. The contestants on the show get to exist in a controlled environment where their primary daily activity IS activity, and they are medically supervised during their time on the show.  It is not uncommon for contestants to do 4-8 hours a day of intense exercise. Add to this a low- or very-low calorie diet and you have the recipe for weight loss: increased calories out and decreased calories in. Also, especially prior to weigh-ins, dehydration strategies are not uncommon, leading to additional weight loss. So, a huge energy expenditure coupled with a sparse calorie intake yields a dramatic calorie deficit and the loss of fat, muscle and water, yielding impressive numbers on the scale. And no, it’s not safe for most overweight people.

More Info

In the real world, rapid weight loss can lead to weight regain. In fact, there has been a lot of controversy around former contestants regaining much of the lost weight. Generally a 1- 2 lb loss per week (more if you have a lot of weight to lose) creates a realistic lifestyle that, for most people, is more sustainable. If you cannot maintain the severity of the lifestyle necessary to promote rapid weight loss, then you most likely will not maintain the weight loss.

I've seen a Bikini weight loss eBook. What is the difference +

I can open up the floodgates and give a million reasons why we are different, why most ebooks are nothing but glorified generic guides and why you would be wasting your money.

But I have come across many excellent guides in the past that have provided fantastic information and a great plan to follow.

But that is all an eBook is. It's just information that isn't specific to your individual needs. These eBooks can be sold to someone who wants to lose 5kg or 50kg, and they get the same meal plans.

You get the same workout plans no matter if you are experienced in the gym, or you have never seen the inside of one before.

Better Body Blitz and our complete solutions and backend system are SPECIFIC to you and your individual goals.

Example: You meal plans are calorie specific to your individual goals, how much exercise you are doing, type of job, the time you wake up, and the activity level during the day.

You exercise plans are specific to you. So the exercises and scaled up or down depending if you are new to exercise or if you are a pro athlete.

Our mini disclaimer- Individual results may vary. Great nutrition, exercise and consistently achieve you calorie balance are essential for the best results. You don’t put weight on in just a few days, It’s over time, So remember that it will take more than a few days to lose weight.

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