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Listen Up Transformationers'

With a recent overhaul, where we have exploded our Pro- Better Body Blitz Transformation Coaching to make it easier than ever to achieve your weight loss goals.

We are looking for a handful of dedicated, weight loss motivated, but more importantly, do'ers and action takers who are serious about transforming their bodies to being in the best shape of their lives.

We want to work with a select number of females and males, mums, dad, young adults, over 18+ who ware willing to implement the best Online personal training, coaching, programming and software to blitz their goals and build their confidence for life.

A complete online fitness and nutrition solution that gives you the tools and resources you need to achieve your fitness goals and maintain your results… permanently.

We are looking for our next transformation blitzers'

Be honest, only if you are serious about being in the best shape of your life

  • Want to burn more fat and weight every day
  • Has a goal of losing 10-20kg (20-40 pounds) of weight (Want more? still apply)
  • Willing to work with a online coach for accountability
  • Want and need more guidance in their health and fitness
  • Wants to receive everything we have to offer for their success
  • Happy to follow a calorie specific meal plan to their preference
  • Have access to a smartphone to access their Advance PT software
  • Willing to follow a step by step proven plan
  • Is an action taker NOT a faker (SO IMPORTANT)

We are proud of what we do

consistently delivering results

Pro-BBB Online PT Coaching

Win at your health, fitness and life, with the best Online PT Coaching there is!

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Fool-Proof Coaching

Regardless of where you are in with your health and fitness, our fool-proof online PT coaching program is going to open your eyes to what is needed for massive personal success towards your goals.

The complete A-Z

We cover everything from setup, establishing your goals, mindset, health & fitness education, tracking your progress, all the workouts, correct processes, nutrition all the way to being the guru and doing this for life.

All the knowledge that you need

Lifetime of support. We are always expanding so you get the best knowledge, plans, programs and education so you are never in the dark. Everything is laid out for your continued success through our BBB Membership site & virtual coaching.

An Army of Experts

The Core BetterBodyBlitz Online PT programming has been drawn up by an army of fitness experts, health professionals, registered dieticians and researchers to ensure that this works and is going to work for everyone no matter if you want to lose weight, want to be stronger, build muscle or lose body fat!

Used and trusted by our members worldwide for all their exercise, nutrition and coaching needs.

Whats NEXT? Book in for a chat!

ONE. Get your no-obligation FREE 30-minute fitness & nutrition strategy call with Better Body Blitz. Figure out exactly what is needed to reach your goals and be able to achieve them easier than every before.Limited Spots Available.

TWO. Once we have had our chat and you are accepted into the program we will begin your transformation process.

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Workout on your time. A nutrition program that keeps your calories tuned. A certified coach to guide you through. Online access 24/7. 
It’s supremely connected fitness... for you.

Our mini disclaimer- Individual results may vary. Great nutrition, exercise and consistently achieve you calorie balance are essential for the best results. You don’t put weight on in just a few days, It’s over time, So remember that it will take more than a few days to lose weight.

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